Celebrate Mom

By Beth Engelman and Jenna Riggs of Mommy on a Shoestring

This Mother’s Day, treat your favorite mom to glitz, glamour, food, fashion and fun with these easy to make gift ideas.

The Mom Spa

This idea comes courtesy of Stacey Rhoades, who came up with the idea of a Mother’s Day Spa with the help of his two sons.  Creating a lovely at-home spa is relatively easy to do.  It just requires a little planning and preparation.

The Night Before

  • Prepare chocolate covered strawberries by melting one bag of chocolate chips with 2 tablespoons of vegetable shortening over a double boiler.  Dip large, fresh strawberries in melted chocolate and place on wax paper to set.  Place strawberries in the refrigerator overnight.

Mother’s Day Morning

  • Choose a comfortable room to convert into the spa.
  • Set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting candles and playing soft soothing music.
  • Place chocolate covered strawberries on a platter with a few napkins.
  • Prepare a “Momosa” drink by combining one part Orange Juice with two parts Sparkling Water.
  • Fill a large plastic bowl with warm soapy water.  Pour in 1-2 tablespoons of Epson Salt and a few drops of essential oil.  Be sure to place a few towels under the bowl to protect the carpet or floor.
  • Invite Mom to soak her feet in the “tub” while she eats her chocolate covered strawberries and sips her Momosa.
  • The children can take turns giving mom a pedicure by massaging her feet with lotion and a pumice stone.  If a pumice stone feels too rough, try using rocks from the back yard.
  • Finally, apply clear nail polish to give Mom’s feet a glamorous glow.

“Go Fish with the Family” Card Game

This card game is a great gift for Grandmothers who are sure to enjoy playing it with their grandchildren.  Another bonus is that there is always room to “grow” the deck.

Materials Needed:

  • Camera
  • Double stick tape, or a glue stick
  • Several pieces of cardstock (one color)
  • Scissors


  • Take pictures of each family member and develop the pictures in duplicates (3×5 or 4×6 is fine, just make sure all the pictures are the same size).
  • Turn the pictures into playing cards by gluing or taping a piece of card-stock to the backside of each picture.
  • Game ideas include “Go Fishing with the Family” which is similar to “Go Fish” but, instead of matching numbers, the object is to collect matching pairs of photos. “Memory” is another fun game to play.  Place the cards face down in a grid and try to find matching pairs of photos.

Spread Good Cheer (and Decorate it too!)

A fun way to honor your mother and spread some good cheer is to organize a “Drop in and Decorate” party.  Drop in a Decorate (www.dropinanddecorate.org) is a non-profit organization that encourages folks to give back by baking.  The idea is to invite family and friends over to decorate cookies that can be donated to local area charities such as Ronald McDonald House or Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.  For more information including recipes, decorating ideas and tips on how to host a party, visit www.dropinanddecorate.org.

Jenna Riggs and Beth Engelman are the creative talents and owners of Mommy on a Shoestring, a website and weekly radio show chock full of ideas on how families can live creatively and large on a small budget.