Making Your 2011 Goals Happen

Laura Rolands of My Attention Coach

Did you set goals in the beginning of the year?  Maybe you called them resolutions?  Whatever the name, it is necessary to follow up on them to help make sure they happen.

Maybe you set family goals, professional goals or other personal goals.  Whatever goals you have for yourself, action plans and measuring success are key to achieving your success.  Read on for tips on using action plans and measurements to help make your 2011 goals happen.

Action Plans

After setting and prioritizing your goals, your next step is to establish an effective action plan.  It is important to identify the steps you need to take to reach your goals so you have a good roadmap.  Identifying the steps is not enough though.  Each step needs to have a due date associated with it to help you create momentum to move towards your goal.

When developing your action plans, focus on one goal at a time so that you can minimize the distractions to your plan.  Keep the following questions and tips in mind when developing your action plan:

  • Take your strengths into consideration when making your action plan.
  • How can you build on your strengths to implement your action plan?
  • What behaviors are you willing to change or give up to achieve your goal?  Consider how open you are to making this change.
  • Plan in small, manageable steps so that you can act on them in a reasonable amount of time.  Your plan will be less likely to overwhelm you.
  • Post a checklist where you will see it and pay attention to it every day.

Measure Success

Keeping track of your progress can be motivating and help you create forward progress in many ways.  By keeping a measurement of your action plan and goal visible, you can keep your goal front and center with all of the other distractions in your life.  A line chart is sometimes very helpful with this.  By measuring your success you can also help to keep yourself motivated with positive feedback.

A few ways of measuring success include a chart, calendar or journal.  Even just writing a short note to yourself each day on a calendar can be helpful.

How are you doing on working towards your goals?   Let us know how we can help!

Laura Rolands is the founder of LSR Coaching and Consulting, LLC. She is a coach whose passion is to support, lead and inspire independence and success for people who have either been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or who are facing other attention-related challenges. Her clients include individuals with attention-related challenges and/or their parents. If you have any questions or more suggestions to add, please visit her website at