Why You Really DO Need To Take Vacation Time

By Melanie Moore of Only a Breath

Family on Vacation

As a working mom, I understand the struggle between balancing home life and work responsibilities. One dilemma I often see is whether to take any time off for vacation. It seems that many workers (mom and dads!) wrestle with the idea of vacation time and how much, if any, to use each year. However, vacation time – especially for moms – is the most important milestone of the year! Here are a few reasons why you really need to take vacation time, Mom.

Your Body is Tired

Let’s face it. The daily grind of super busy schedules, cleaning, laundry, work travel, and long hours at the office can wreak havoc on our bodies. Without every resting, your body is at the mercy of infection, common cold, and is less able to recoup after being sick. (I speak from experience!) Vacation time allows us to recharge and get some much needed rest!

Your Mind is Tired

Have you ever had a really difficult problem at work that you just couldn’t figure out and then somehow the answer came to you over the weekend in the shower? I have had that happen many times! Many times our minds are so saturated with information, stress, and exhaustion that it is hard to figure out problems. After vacation, you will be able to come back to work renewed and refreshed!

Vacation Time Is Not a Crime – No Guilt!

Do you ever feel guilty when you take vacation? You shouldn’t! Your employer gives you this benefit because they actually want you to use it! You may feel guilty when you take vacation time, but your employer knows that every person needs a break. They don’t want stressed out, over-worked, and exhausted employees! Being rested and satisfied makes you a much better, and more creative, worker!

Your Family Needs You!

Most importantly, your family needs you, Mom! You are important. Family memories are important. Above all else, make time to make memories with your family.

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow,
You have to be in their lives today.” ~ Barbara Johnson

Melanie writes at “Only A Breath” about life as a small-town, southern, girly-girl mommy of two rough and rowdy little boys. She is so thankful for a wonderful, hard-working husband who makes her laugh and is a wonderful daddy. She works full-time as an industrial software developer (“computer geek”) and offers practical tips and encouragement for moms who work outside the home. Her heart’s desire is to encourage others to celebrate life and cherish each breath of this journey.

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    I do manage to take vacation, normally long weekends, especially during long vacations when the kids are out of school. With our financial situation, we never seem to have the money to go away together as a family.

  • http://www.familieswithpurpose.com Polly

    Hi Barbie. Good for you for making time for vacation. I completely understand about how expensive vacations can be. In the years when a vacation wasn’t in the budget we just tried to make the best of the time together and take small day trips instead. And even though I’m not personally a big fan, camping can be a lower cost alternative and we have done that as well too.

  • Shan

    I’m not a working mom anymore…I’m disabled and my kids have flown the coop…but I do have some stress in my life… I can’t afford the standard vacations, but I AM going on a retreat with my friends church this weekend…Approximately 40 women on a spiritual retreat at a bible camp. No cooking, cleaning….just fellowship, teachings, chillaxing, snacking, napping….I am sooo excited!!! This IS a vacation to me!!! :D